Tips to Choose Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Published on: Aug 16, 2021

For the development of the child, toys play a major role. But when we look on the other side, many risks are involved too. Choking is one of the major accidents seen among children while playing with toys. Children tend to put objects in their mouths while playing and these lead to accidents. So, it is very much essential to check out the toys of the children and supervise how they are playing with them. 


What to Consider While Shopping for Toys Dubai?

The major things to consider while shopping out the toys for children are:

  • Fabric-based toys should be labeled showing it is flame resistant or flame retardant. Stuffed-up toys should be able to wash, and the paints on the toys must be lead-free. The art form of materials must be non-toxic. Crayons and paints should have the label ASTM D-4236 which means they are tested by the American Society of Testing and Materials. 
  • Handmade toys show chances to break and are hazardous. So, care must be taken while handling them. 
  • Also, check whether the toys are not too loud. Rattles, musical toys, and electronic toys appear louder at times and could cause hearing loss to the children. So, care must be taken while buying them. 


Safe Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Reading out the labels is essential while choosing an appropriate toy online for your child. Guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and many other groups would help you out to make correct buying decisions. Also, one must consider the child's habits and behavior while buying a new toy. Even if the child's behavior is advanced, always choose age-appropriate toys for them. And the toys must be selected by considering the safety factor. 



  • Toys must be large so that they are not swallowed. One could make use of a tester or choke tube to check whether the toy is small or not. If the play object fits inside the tube, then it is small enough for your child to play. 
  • Avoid any form of coins, marble, or balls that could be stuck at your throat and make your breathing difficult. 
  • Battery-based toys should be such that they are secured with screws and kids could never open them. This is because the battery and its fluids would cause harm to the children. So, make the decision wisely when you buy toys online.
  • While buying toys, make sure they are strong enough. They do not have sharp ends, longer strings, and parts where small fingers could enter. 
  • Riding types of toys must come with proper belts and it should ensure security.
  • Carnival toys should be checked for loose parts, sharp edges and then only it must be given to the infant. 
  • While putting toys safely at home, always ensure that the broken toys are removed or repaired, and store the outdoor toys properly from any form of rain or mud.  Always the toys must be clean and they should be washed so that they remain tidy at every use. 
  • Also, non-toys like scissors, tape, gums, and balloons could tempt the children to use. So, keep them away from use. 


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