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Tips to take care of your kid's mental health during Covid -19

Published on: Jun 15, 2021

Parents and children are facing hard times during this Covid 19 pandemic. Children could not go outside and meet their friends, they are not allowed to go to school and are restricted to stay indoors. In such a difficult situation, raising your child for better development is not easy. But don't feel that there is no way to go ahead. Toys could do wonders to your kid's mental health during COVID 19. Buy kids toys online now.

Let's look below at the simple tips through which toys could take care of your kid's mental health.

Make use of baby dolls which help your child learn to nurture

While dressing, feeding, rocking, and bathing the dolls, children learn to care for and empathize with others.  As parents learn to respond according to the cues of their child to give what they need; children also practice the same skill using their imaginations while playing with the dolls. While soothing and nurturing the dolls, they also nurture and soothe themselves. Kids also could understand how to connect with the feeling of being loved and cared for. So, kids have to develop these skills for a better future. Visit toy shops in Dubai and buy these toys.

Play-Doh helps to remove the feeling of anxiousness

Play-Doh helps kids to engage with sensory play. These play activities allow kids to get in touch with the 5 senses. Along with motor and language development, it benefits emotional health too. Focusing on the sensory input is similar to paying attention to breathe while meditating. Kids get very much absorbed while playing sensory play. This play-acts as a soothing and focusing effect for the kids who feel anxious.

Dress up would improve social and emotional skills

Costume dressing helps kids to come up with new ways of thinking, interacting, and behaving with others. This is a form of role-playing that acts as a mental health tool for both children and adults. We all behave differently at school, at work, with our families and friends. Kids learn to behave in emotional areas well when they are given a chance to practice dress up.  Thinking about what costume to choose for situations would improve their emotional growth. Real-life costumes help them to develop interests and increase their sense of responsibility. Superhero costumes help to develop their confidence and self-esteem.  Even villain costumes help children to learn to let out their aggressive energy in a playful way.

Play kitchens improve the parent-child bond

Kids love to serve the food they prepare in their play kitchen to their parents. Children try to imitate their parents while playing kitchen as a part of affection towards you. This play also instills a caring behavior in them. This is because they pretend to serve food to their parents with love and care. Also, parents and children could reconnect and share feelings of attachment.

Last but not least, toys are always the best option for children to improve their mental health. Covid 19 pandemic is now not a barrier against your child's development



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