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Helping Your Child Leave The Screen

Published on: Feb 26, 2023
So, are you, too, one of those parents of a pre-schooler who wants their child to leave the screen and play outside or do other activities?
Well, we understand your pain, so here is our attempt to help you get a solution.
Toys are a significant source of your child's entertainment, so why not bring such toys that would make them play outdoors?
So here is a list of toys that can make your child leave the screen and go out and play all day long.

1. Scooter toys: Scooter toys are something your child enjoys, and they can also explore their surroundings, giving them scope to interact with other people and their feeds. And a new scooter can be something that can motivate them to go out and play.
The scooter also helps develop the child's motor skills and balance coordination.
Here's the link if you start thinking of buying a scooter.

2. Soccer ball: Soccer is a trendy sport in UAE, so why not benefit from it? A soccer ball can encourage your young man to go out and play with the ball along with peers, which, if it goes well, would help your kid to advance physically and mentally as well. And if played well, this sport could also become a career opportunity for them. So here is a good Ferrari soccer ball you can buy and help him go outdoors.

3. The Bubble toy: Bubbles are fascinating for pre-schoolers, and trust us, they spend hours and hours playing with them if the soap doesn't finish, of course!
So going outdoors, hours of entertainment for them, development of motor and social skills, and the kid being away from the screen can all happen with the bubble toy. So, if you plan on buying one, here are some links:

4. Gun Toys: Not every pre-schooler might like them, but they are great for making kids play actively with their peers. Children run, chase and hide in the play, which can guide them to the outdoors. They also play imaginative sports or scenarios, which helps them develop their imagination. Social skills too can be developed in this play, and kids learn to negotiate and cooperate. So, if you want to check some gun toys, here are some.

So, these were a few toys we recommend from our side to achieve the goal of keeping your young one away from the screen. We hope this helps and your child starts learning more often.


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